Elements of the box


Expect the unexpected as traditional international recipes meld with innovative culinary expertise to create handcrafted, edible experiences.


Food created with care. Exceptional yet genuine hospitality. Rediscover the passionate craft of prioritizing flavor over speed through, fresh ingredients and individualized service.


Distinctive. Unparalleled. Satisfying. Each meal on any given day is as unique as you are. Our service and cuisine are tastefully executed to indulge your tastebuds and comfort your soul.


Foodie-Box adopts a culture of gratitude by prioritizing the details and embracing familiar dishes with global influence. Embark on the journey to explore multicultural delicacies, unique fusions that shape the foodie in you.

We Celebrate YOU

Embracing the blessing to provide culinary enjoyment,"WE CELEBRATE YOU", one meal at a time with appreciation delivered through our bona fide approach and transparent love for the artistry of fine food.


Lisa Jeffries

"...Not at all like the bland box lunches we've had before, it's like mom was in the kitchen".

Steven Koi

"Everyone at the retreat raved about the food and the personalized notes was a great touch".

Marie Gallagher

"Chef Bree was a joy to work with! We ordered quite a few custom lunch boxes and it was delivered flawlessly."

Abdel Khoury

"The private chef provided for our anniversary dinner was spot on – professional and chatted us through the whole menu… Delicious!"


Food is the tangible medium where origins cannot be masked. Notwithstanding race, religion, color or creed our inextricable attachment to the foods that comfort us stem from it being an edible tool of survival. Inspired by those with the prudence and perseverance to produce nourishing, tasteful meals in lieu of life tribulations, we honor tradition founded on love and strength providing you "Food for your SOUL"™.

Our Roots

Foodie Box Company aims to imbue our fellow foodies with worldly culinary curiosity.

Our vision is filtered through a global kaleidoscope reflecting bold flavors, encouraging palatable indulgence while bridging cultural gaps. By way of the gastronomic mecca of New York City where foodie masterpieces exude history and pride; Foodie-Box expounds on its intercontinental roots by naturally expanding our brand to Las Vegas boasting the most revitalized, uninhibited dining scene. With an ever changing menu as diverse as the team behind the smiles, our mission of creating interpersonal connections through the palate leads us to offer a mouth-watering journey that takes you around the globe with hospitality that only sharing a meal can convey.

Pride. Passion.

We are purveyors of authenticity – sourcing the intricate, high quality ingredients that restore timeless tastes with a professional team that truly embraces the spirit of wholesome hospitality spreading love graciously with every meal shared.